Is it Better Value to Buy Big Brands?

There are many of us that buy big well-known brands because we think that they will be better than other brands. We may have tried some other brands a whole ago and decided tat we like the big brands better or we may just see no reason to switch brands because we are happy with the one that we are using. However, we may not be getting the best value from the brands that we have chosen to use and therefore we should have a think about whether we are making the right decision by using them.


Often the big brands will cost more money. Even when they are reduced or on sale, it is often the case that they will be more expensive than generic brands or shop own brands. This means that you will tend to be paying more money for them than for an equivalent product. This is okay though, if you are getting a better quality product as a result. So, for example, if you are paying twice as much for something that lasts three times as long then this would be worth it, but if you are paying twice as much for something that lasts half the time then it certainly would not.


It is often assumed that a big brand will be a better quality than other items. However, this may not be the case and so it is well worth trying to find out. If it is something cheap, like a tin of baked beans, then you could try both and see which is best. It can be worth doing a blind taste test so you are not influenced by the fact that you will think the one you normally buy is nicer. If you are buying expensive items then you will not be able to do this so you may need to rely on reviews to help you. Perhaps asking people that you know what they think could also be good. You might be able to get some recommendations which will be useful for you.


Some people will go for a certain brand because it is well-known. They feel that a well-known brand will be better to buy as it is just assumed that they will be better. People think that they have a good reputation and will want to keep that reputation and therefore will work hard to make sure that they provide a good service or quality of goods and a competitive price. Unfortunately, this is often not the case as they can actually get away with providing a worse service and charging more as people will use them because they have the illusion that they will be better.


If a brand is well-known this is often because they do a lot of advertising. This advertising has to be paid for and it is often the case that it is paid for by the fact that the prices are higher. So, it is very likely that you will end up paying more money for the items.

Peer Pressure

There is sometimes peer pressure to buy a certain brand. You may want to be the same or better than everyone else and this could mean that you will feel that you should buy a specific brand. The value for money might be more about being like your peers rather than whether that item actually is something that you feel is the best.

Value for Money

You should be able to work out when an item is good value for money based on the quality of it and the price. Think about whether you think that it is worth paying the money for the brand that you like or whether you should consider trying a different one or changing to another brand.