How Can I Spend Less Money Without Feeling Deprived?

It can be hard at times to stick to a budget. We might feel like we should be able to spend whatever we want and having to think about our spending and cut back can make us feel like we are depriving ourselves of items. There are ways that you can do this though without having to feel like this.

Pay Less for What you Buy

If you can find a way to pay less money for the things that you buy, you will be able to still buy the same amount of items without having to give anything up and you will just pay less for them. This might still mean you have to make some sacrifices as you may have to shop in cheaper retailers or find cheaper brands, but it can mean that you will have the same amount of items without paying so much money. This might help you to feel less deprived. You may even find changing some items to cheaper ones, such as finding a cheaper insurer or broadband supplier will make no difference to experience at all and you will just spend less. It is worth comparing prices on everything you buy and although there may be some areas where you will not be prepared to spend less money, there will be other areas where you will be happy to spend less.

Concentrate on Why You are Spending Less

It is well worth making sure that you keep reminding yourself of why you are limiting what you are spending. You will have some sort of goal, perhaps you want to repay debts, increase the amount of money you have saved or buy particular things. You might just want to make sure you have enough money to cover the cost of everything that you need to buy. It is a good idea to make sure that you are always aware of this so that you feel less hard done by. Imagine how good it will feel when you have achieved that goal and how the sacrifices that you are making now will be well worth it in the future. Some people even benefit from writing this down and sticking it up in a prominent place so that they can easily see it and read it daily and remind themselves of this really frequently. Just make sure that you do read it through rather than just glancing at it. Reading it properly will be a much better reminder of the goal and reasons for setting it and is much more likely to help than just seeing it at a glance.

Reward Yourself

It is a good idea to reward yourself every so often. So even if it is something really small, it will give you something to look forward to and make sure that you feel better about having to give up the things that you are having to go without. It could be something that is free or almost free – like a country walk or a long bath or something that costs money. Obviously, you do not want to do this too often as you could significantly eat into the money that you are trying not to spend. You will need decide what will work for you are how often you feel you will need a treat to help you to stay motivated. iT might be that you want something each week, month or less often or you want to set a financial target to reach before you can have something. Give it some thought so that you can be sure that it will work properly for you.

Author: Chloe Gibson

I love writing about just about anything but finance is something which I have always written about. It is something which every person should be interested in and that many people know very little about. I hope, that by writing about it, I can help more people get interested in the subject and then they will learn more about it themselves. This will hopefully lead them to be able to be more in control of their money, be able to repay debt and increase savings so that they have a better financial situation and have a happier life as a result.

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